Suspected serial burglar facing charges in Metro-East home burgl -

Suspected serial burglar facing charges in Metro-East home burglaries

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

(KMOV) – A Cahokia man was taken into custody Thursday following to a string of residential burglaries across the Metro-East.

Early Thursday morning, the Fairview Heights Police Department received a call from a victim whose apartment had reportedly been burglarized.

Authorities say the victim woke up and noticed that his wallet, cell phone, and laptop, which were all lying on the nightstand beside him, were missing.  Furthermore, the victim also noticed that his sliding glass door leading into his bedroom was cracked open.

Following a brief inspection of his home, the victim discovered his apartment had been ransacked, police said.

A responding officer, knowing that two Apple products were among the items stolen, obtained information from the victim and used GPS tracking to locate the missing property.

According to authorities, the information led officers to the Roosevelt Homes Apartments in Washington Park, Illinois.

Upon arrival, the officers made contact with the resident of a specific apartment and were able to recover the items reported stolen.

Additionally, officers discovered 116 other items linked to five separate Fairview Heights burglaries and other burglaries in Swansea and Collinsville, Illinois.

Authorities say several of the reports describe a suspect entering the homes while the victims were asleep.

None of the victims were injured during the incidents, police say.
A Cahokia man was taken into custody by the Fairview Heights Police Department, awaiting charges.

The investigation is ongoing.



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