Video: Passengers fight off thief during bus ride -

Video: Passengers fight off thief during bus ride

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( -- Newly-released surveillance video shows a violent confrontation between a gunman and bus passengers who’d simply had enough.

Video shows the altercation started when an armed robber pulled a gun on a woman. Then the thief makes his way farther up the bus and steals a phone from a man.

By the time the thief tried a third time, some passengers began to fight back by tackling the gunman.

Other passengers can be seen trying to get off the bus.

Passengers were able to hold the man down until police arrived.

“He came up to me and stuck the gun at me and took my phone,” said passenger Chris Briggs, “It was just kind of one of those things that no one gave any thought to once things started happening.”

Police reported the gunman had no previous criminal history. He pleaded not guilty to all charges. If convicted, police said the suspect could face up to 15 years. 

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