Soldier surprises son, daughter as they sit on Santas lap -

Soldier surprises son, daughter as they sit on Santas lap

PEARLAND, Texas -- A soldier's children got a Christmas miracle when he surprised them by coming home for Christmas.

Sean and Jessica Smith waited in line to see Santa at the Bass Pro Shops in Pearland.

Sean, 4, told us what was on his wish list.

"I want daddy and a blue airplane," he said.

His big sister chimed in that her dad has been gone since February.

"I would like the same as my brother," said 10-year old Jessica. "I hope Santa can bring a really big package this year.

Their dad is Jason Smith, an Army Sergeant fixing Apache helicopters in Kuwait.

Shannon Smith said her children have been asking for their dad for months and it's been tough.

"Especially since I can't deliver," admitted Smith. "This is not something I can pull off. It would only be something Santa can do."

So when Sean and Jessica got their turn on Santa's lap, all they could do was try.

"What do you want for Christmas," Santa asked.

"I want my dad," replied Jessica.

"We could wish him home, you think," Santa told the siblings.

"Yeah," they told him.

The holidays have a way of granting wishes and that's just what these two got.

As they opened their eyes, their father, still in uniform, was standing right there.

Jessica ran to her dad first and her brother was not far behind.

"It's great to be with these guys again," said Sgt. Jason Smith. "We're all complete now."

There is one last surprise. The sergeant is not just here for Christmas. He's home to stay.

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