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Local Walgreens pharmacist accused of stealing drugs

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

(KMOV) –A local pharmacist was arrested and charged with stealing a controlled substance while working at a Jennings pharmacy.

Clintin Ross, 35, was allegedly caught with seven hydrocodine pills in his coat pocket when officers caught him in October at the Walgreens in Jennings, where he was employed.

He was charged on Tuesday with stealing prescription medications.

He immediately said hey I was storing those for a customer but we believed that was odd because why would you have pills in your pocket not even your lab coat your actual pant pocket,” arresting officer Adam Lane said in a phone interview.

He said the operation was all part of hot-spot policing in the area but Lane said he never thought the investigation would lead inside the local pharmacy.

“It was almost shocking because I wasn't expecting him to be a pharmacist I thought he was just going in to get drugs using a false pretense or false ID,” Lane said.

News 4 learned this was not Ross’ first theft charge related to pills. Authorities say he was accused of stealing when he worked as a pharmacist at a south county nursing home.

Officials with Walgreens told News 4 they are working with police but would not comment further.

Investigators are working to find out how long Ross was allegedly stealing the drug.

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