Vandals set fire to unlocked cars in Kirkwood -

Vandals set fire to unlocked cars in Kirkwood

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

 (KMOV) – Police investigate a slew of vehicle fires in a Kirkwood neighborhood.

Kirkwood Police say the crime is just for pure destruction as suspects get into unlocked cars then set fire to paper or items of clothing inside then flee the scene. They reportedly set fire to four vehicles in the last week.

“I started looking around and it was still dark at that time. I turned around and I saw the seat was burnt and then I looked on the inside. Look up there, look on up there you can really see how that flame burned that headliner,” said Bob Fichter who was a victim to the crime trend.

Authorities say each fire was set the same way using paper or clothing.

“I had paper for the paper drive up at church. After I dumped the paper, I just threw the empty bag in the car. Of course that's what they, I had two bags lit on fire,” said Fichter.

He said his car was parked in his driveway and he usually does not leave it unlocked. In anticipation of winter weather, he left the doors unlocked to make it easier to take his wife to treatment the following morning. She is battling bone cancer.

“Why, why do you want to hurt somebody, why do you want to do that to someone else’s property,” said Fichter.

No suspects are in custody at this time. 

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