Christmas Decor on a Budget -

Christmas Decor on a Budget

Glam – White/Silver/Gold/Purple

-$1.00 Snowflakes used as Chargers at the Placesetting
-$1.00 Girl Hair Accessories used to garnish a Napkin
-Jewelry stands used as Centerpieces
-Wrapping Paper as a Tablecloth
-$1.00 Candleholders in purple
-How to turn an ordinary Candlestick into instant glam with $1.00 tinsel
-Boxes uses as food containers and centerpiece accents
-S20.00 Christmas Trees

Rustic – Brown/Cream/White/Black/Gunmetal Gray

-Glasses Garnished with twine/feathers/glue
-Log and Cotton centerpieces
-Using mismatched china
-Using home décor on the table
-Lanterns instead of candles
-Target $1.00 buckets as placesetting favors, centerpieces or candleholders
-Cutting Boards and Cork Tiles as Chargers
-Cookie Cutter Napkin Rings and Decorations
-Burlap ideas
-Candles accented with women’s hair accessories. 

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