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Raw: 20 inches of snow hit New York

The weather got nasty between Exits 57 and 61 on the I-90 Wednesday, closing a portion of the thruway for about an hour and forcing the Erie County Sheriff’s Office to issues a travel advisory for the southern half of the county.

But it was so treacherous in North Collins, the mayor had to issue a travel ban, and village snow plows were pulled off the roadways to keep drivers from trying to plow in zero visibility.

The 20-inches of snow that fell on North Collins seemed to arrive all at once, and though it isn’t officially winter yet, this storm may be the one remembered for the whole season.

“Brought back memories of the ‘77 Blizzard,” Jim Litteri said. “Especially coming down Rt. 62.”

The travel ban lasted from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the village.

“A tractor trailer jackknifed and blocked traffic right in the heat of the storm,” Village Highway Supervisor Mike Perry said. “We were averaging, I’m going to guess, maybe three inches an hour. Traffic got backed up; we were unable to get out plow onto the village roads.”

Residents say they left their homes in the morning to little snow on the ground and returned to nearly two feet of snow covering their driveways and sidewalks.

“It was insane. Insane,” Mary-Lou Smith said as she looked at her car just barely visible through the freshly fallen snow.

Steve Krug said, “It’s crazy. It’s like a different place. In the city we got green grass, and we got two feet of snow.”

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