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84-Year-old says housekeeper routinely beat him, spent his money

HOUSTON –An elderly man who said that his housekeeper bullied and beat him frequently suffered multiple fractures after the woman shoved him into a door, according to court documents.

The housekeeper, 60-year-old Sharon Aubin, was charged with injury to an elderly individual.

The 84-year-old victim was extremely frail, weighing only 120 pounds, when he arrived to the emergency room at St. Lukes Hospital on December 9, records show. He also only had one eye, but was mentally competent and described clearly the suffering he endured at the hands of Aubin over the years, investigators said.

The man said 16 years ago, his friends suggested that he hired a housekeeper to help him out after his wife fell ill and was hospitalized. He hired Aubin to initially help out, but after his wife died, allowed her to move into his residence to do the cleaning in exchange for room and board.

The victim said after that, Aubin began to show signs of a nasty temper and would assault him “pretty good” on a routine basis.

The victim said that Aubin was working on electrical wiring on December 8 when she became upset about something and pushed him into a door. She warned him not to call for any medical attention, but after spending the night in pain, he decided he needed to get help and called an ambulance.

Doctors found the elderly man suffered multiple rib fractures.

The victim also told investigators that Aubin had been using his debit card without his consent and he had no more money.

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