Troy county council votes on tougher seat belt laws -

Troy county council votes on tougher seat belt laws

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

 (KMOV) – The Troy County Council considers tougher seat belt laws, following suit of more than three dozen municipalities who have already done so.

Currently, the law states that a person can only get a ticket for not wearing a seat belt, if they were stopped for another separate and different primary offense.

But the law being proposed in Troy, Missouri - would allow officers to stop any driver of a passenger vehicle who is not wearing a safety belt. The proposed law would include stopping a vehicle because children are not properly restrained.

It would only apply to cars, SUVs, vans, and any other vehicle that holds ten passengers or less.  The proposed legislation would allow the officer to give you a ticket with a $10 fine for each violation and no court costs.

As early as next week the city council could approve the legislation on Monday. The mayor could sign it into law on Tuesday and it would become law on Wednesday

Officials in Troy say the focus of this legislation is saving lives. Click the video player to see what they have to say about the proposed law. 

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