Prevention tactics stressed following steady rise in flu cases -

Prevention tactics stressed following steady rise in flu cases

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

(KMOV) – A South County medical center is stressing the importance of taking caution when it comes to the flu following an alarming rise in cases since the beginning of December.

According to St. Anthony’s Medical Center, the number of flu cases reported has risen since the month of November.

Doctors say last month only six cases of flu in their E.R. and urgent care facilities combined were reported.

During the first week of December, that number has been exceeded with already seven confirmed flu cases since December 1.

Dr. Eric Appelgren stressed his concerns on the increase of flu cases in the area.

“We expect the flu season will continue to grow – throughout the next few months of the year.”

However, he does stress the flu is mostly preventable and the first step to prevention is the flu shot.

To date, the current flu shot protects the recipient against the three main types of flu; Influenza A, Influenza B, and the H1N1 strains.

Additionally, doctors say to avoid contact with patients exhibiting any signs of the flu including muscle aches, a fever or cough.

Dr. Applegren stressed to practice good hygiene which ultimately prevents you from contracting the flu.

If you do show early signs, contacting your physician within 48 hours of your first symptoms can be treated with an anti-viral medicine.

The flu shot is currently available.


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