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Look up in the sky St. Louis! It's the International Space Station!

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By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore

(KMOV.com) -- This will be a great night to see the International Space Station flying over St. Louis.  The great thing about this spotting opportunity is that skies will be clear, and you could have two chances to see it.

On Wednesday evening the ISS makes its first pass at 5:22 p.m. and should be visible for about five minutes.  In this case the spacecraft will appear about 23-degrees up in the south-southwest sky.  It will appear as a steady bright light moving across the sky before disappearing low in the north-northeast.

The second pass happens at 6:59, but will be much shorter, only about a minute or so.  This time it will low in the west-northwest sky moving low across the sky before disappearing in the northwest.  You will likely need to be away from trees and tall buildings to see this pass.

In both cases, the farther that you can get from lights or the big city, the better.  The ISS is as big as a football field, but will look like a pin of light, a star that does not blink moving very steadily across the night sky.  In reality the ISS is moving at more than 17,000 MPH about 230 miles above Earth.  Price tag = $150,000,000,000. 

You can find a full calendar of ISS spotting opportunities on the KMOV mobile app, KMOV iPad app and the KMOV Weather app.  Or, click here for a complete list from NASA.

Check out the NASA mission page for details on the 6-man International Crew that includes Richmond, Missouri native and University of Illinois grad Col. Mike Hopkins.



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