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Missouri named best place to drink in the U.S.

(KMOV.com) -- For those that like their alcohol, there’s no place better to drink than the Show Me State.

According to a TIME article that lists the best three and worst three states to imbibe in the U.S., Missouri has the friendliest drinking laws.

The state has no restrictions on open containers. Even if municipalities pass a law banning public intoxication, they’re not allowed to require arrests for public intoxication.

Also, any non-driving passenger in a vehicle is permitted to have an open container. Certain municipalities have overruled that, though Kansas City and St. Louis have no general open container laws for vehicles.

Joining Missouri on the list is Nevada and Wisconsin. Nevada is noted for its law allowing vendors to sell alcohol 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Wisconsin cracks the top three for allowing minors under the age of 21 to drink as long as they are with parents, guardians or spouses who are of legal age.

The worst three states according to the article are Utah, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

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