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With Arnold lawsuits mounting, administrators have questions about city attorney

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(KMOV.com) -- The payout for lawsuits against the City of Arnold are racking up.

More than $500,000 have been paid out in settlements in the last few weeks and five major lawsuits are still pending.

Some residents are questioning if the city attorney is leading the city into lawsuits to make more money for himself. 

Some of the lawsuits strictly involve the words and hard feelings between politicians and some city employees, but a $45,000 settlement check was delivered today from the City of Arnold in a case City Attorney Bob Sweeny was directly connected to.

According to Arnold City Administrator Bryan Richison, Sweeny’s decision remove a council member’s name from a ballot resulted in the suit.  

The city settled out of court with Shaun Missey in a lawsuit where he claimed his name was improperly removed from the ballot on Sweeney’s advice.

This year the city has paid a $55,000 settlement to Parks Director Susie Boone in a harassment lawsuit and $450,000 in a sexual harassment lawsuit by a former police officer. A suit against the city by Police Chief Robert Shockey and Councilman Ken Moss are still pending.

Sweeney has been paid $144,000 dollars so far this year, despite only being listed as a part time employee. According to administrators he also does work like a city staff member such as helping write ordinances. Despite the amount of money being paid to Sweeney, Richison says his performance is considered valuable.

“I can understand those questions but those who make those decisions, the mayor and the council, my understanding is that they’re very happy with the decision,” he said.

An insurance firm pays most of the cost of the lawsuit settlements.

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