Video: Aerial view of Astrodome ramp towers demolition -

Video: Aerial view of Astrodome ramp towers demolition

HOUSTON – The three exterior ramp towers outside the Astrodome were demolished Sunday evening in southwest Houston.

In what took only a matter of seconds, the towers came down right at 9:30 p.m.

The work had been planned regardless of the outcome of a public vote earlier this month on a $217 million bond issue that would turn the stadium into an event and exhibition center.

Harris County voters rejected the proposal.

The towers never were part of any new plans involving the Astrodome. They all were built in the late 1980s to help accommodate an expansion intended to keep the Houston Oilers football team in Houston.

Construction of the ramps inside the towers also brought the stadium into compliance with the American with Disabilities Act and helped all spectators get to the upper decks of the building.

The Oilers then abandoned Houston for Tennessee following the 1996 NFL season.

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