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16-Year-old boy dies on flight from Seattle to Atlanta

SPOKANE, Washington -- A plane had to make an emergency landing in Spokane Saturday for a medical emergency.

Spokane International Airport officials said the Delta flight was headed to Atlanta from Seattle when a 16-year-old boy had a medical emergency on the flight and later died. The plane was diverted to Spokane and landed around 10:15 a.m.

Passenger Suzi Tonini said about 20 minutes into the flight an announcement was made about an emergency, asking if anyone had medical experience.

Tonini said they did find someone to help and there was a flurry of activity.
“And we saw this teenager being carried to the back and there was some activity back there,” she said.

“They told us we need to make a medical emergency landing,” she said. “So we get there and the paramedics came on board and… then they took him away.”

“I asked the flight attendant ‘is the kid OK?’ She kinda said ‘not really’ and was starting to cry so I figured something wrong had happened,” she said.

Officials said the boy died of natural causes.

Delta spokesman Michael Thomas says there were 258 passengers on the Boeing 767. They exited the aircraft at Spokane, and some were being rebooked onto other flights to get to their destinations.

Delta was flying in another crew Saturday afternoon to fly the remaining passengers to Atlanta.

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