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Drummond: Rams' season slipping away

(FootballSTL)-- Now that the Rams have been eliminated from the playoffs, now what?

The road doesn’t get any easier in the last 3 games of the season, with the Saints, Bucs, and Seahawks on the schedule. As they prepare to play out the string, the Rams will look hard at how and why their season went south.

1.  Sam Bradford’s Injury: It’s hard to expect any NFL team to excel without their starting quarterback. Kellen Clemens has played as well as he possibly could. Clemens was aided by a running game became anchored by Zac Stacy. On Sunday against the Cardinals, the Rams rushed just 100 yards. 56 of those yards coming from a Tavon Austin run. Stacy rushed for just 25 yards on 14 carries.

2.  Divisional Foes: Last season, the Rams were 4-1-1 against teams in the NFC West. This season, the Rams are 1-4 within the West.

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3.  Defensive Slump: A little over a month ago, the Rams defense was a feared unit that put incredible pressure on the quarterback. Against Arizona and Carson Palmer, the Rams managed just 2 quarterback hits and one sack by Alec Olgetree. Palmer was allowed to be comfortable in the pocket, and complete 27 of his 32 passes.

4.  Mistakes: Penalties continue to plague this football team. The Rams have rolled up 22 penalties in the last 2 games. Last week against the 49ers, the Rams had 11 penalties for 105 yards. On Sunday against the Cardinals, the Rams had 11 penalties for 95 yards.

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