Repeat offender accused of threatening to shoot up school with s -

Repeat offender accused of threatening to shoot up school with stolen guns

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

( - 25-year old Gerald Lucas is locked up in the Franklin County jail after he was arrested early Wednesday for stealing guns and threatening to use them on friends and a school in the Sullivan area of Franklin County.

According to Franklin County Sheriff Gary Toelke, Lucas showed up at the home of two female friends near Sullivan late Tuesday night but because he was drunk they drove him to the home of one of his relatives. Toelke said Lucas stole a truck and two guns and returned angry,

“A couple hours later he came back to the females’ house and he had a weapon and according to them he pointed it at them and threatened to kill them,” Toelke said.

 Then Lucas allegedly went to the home of another relative where he was heard threatening to shoot up a school. Those relatives called Sullivan police who made plans to have officers at all of the school buildings in Sullivan when children arrived for school Wednesday morning.

Franklin County sheriff’s deputies found the truck Lucas allegedly stole and Lucas inside a trailer home nearby. Toelke said Lucas was asleep with his arms around a shotgun. He was arrested without incident.

 Toelke said Lucas is one of a number of suspects that his officers have arrested many times but get released because the courts set their bail so low or allow them to be released on their own recognizance.

He said Lucas has been locked up in the Franklin County jail 14 times since 2006 but has been repeatedly released on his own recognizance. We tried to reach prosecutors in Crawford and Franklin Counties to ask them about this apparent “catch and release” system of justice but were unable because their offices closed early Friday.

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