Green Santa gives $10K in cash to strangers -

Green Santa gives $10K in cash to strangers

PORTLAND, Ore. -- He looks like Santa Claus, but his jolly red suit is green. In fact, he sort of looks like the Grinch. But what he's doing in Portland is the exact opposite.

His real name is Bryan Warner, but in character he's the "Crazy Green Santa" and his mission is to pay it forward.

In fact, right before Thanksgiving, the long-time Portlander quit his job parking cars and decided to take money out of savings and give it to complete strangers.

In a YouTube video filmed and posted by his son Marcus V. Warner, you can see a surprised man say, "Wow, pay it forward," as he's being given money.

Also, the video shows a woman completely shocked saying, "Are you serious?" as Crazy Green Santa is handing her a thousand dollars in cash.

In all, Crazy Green Santa gave $10,000 dollars away. He and his son gave out $1,000 at a time, to ten people.

"We thought, 'let's do it a thousand at a time and make it even more spectacular,' " said Warner.

But why is he doing it?

"It's a movement," he answered, "A crazy green movement."

"It's a radical new idea, this 'pay it forward' idea really made real, not in a movie and so it's like 'how can we do this?' " Warner said.

His son Marcus said he supports his dad's mission a hundred percent.

"It's a great way to give and totally makes an impact on ten random strangers' lives. Who knows where it'll go from here," said Marcus V. Warner.

The father and son team is hoping it goes far, really far.

They have a plan to sell a lot of Crazy Green Santa t-shirts like the one Bryan wears.

"How about for every ten thousand shirts we sell, we give out another ten thousand dollars to perfect strangers," Bryan said. "If this goes really crazy and we sell a million shirts, then that means I've got a million bucks to give out!"

"We'd really just like to continue to be able to give to people and yeah, pay it forward, really," said Marcus V. Warner.

Crazy Green Santa's goal is a 100 million views of his YouTube video between now and Christmas.


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