Man calls young girl his 'next victim' on Facebook -

Man calls young girl his 'next victim' on Facebook

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- After several parents reached out to News 4 for help about a man they say a man is posting pictures of their girls on Facebook and making inappropriate comments, News 4 investigated.

Reporter Brittany Noble found the Facebook page. In one post, the suspect describes one girl as his next victim.

On Friday, the suspect wanted to know if Riverview Gardens was in session.

"Where is her bus stop. I need to find somebody asap," the suspect commented on a young girl's picture.

The St. Louis Police Department is now investigating.

News 4 is always watching out for you, here are some tips to keep your family safe.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster suggests:

Learn about the issues – Do your homework on the latest online trends and potential risks.

Communication is Key – Talk to your children and know who they are talking to or spending time with BOTH online and offline.

Protect Your Identity – Think TWICE before posting personal information on the Internet including names, passwords, contact information, as well as pictures which could give clues about your life or where you live. Remember: if it's on the Internet, it's NOT PRIVATE.

Take action – Contact your local law enforcement and CyberTipline if you or someone you know feels threatened or in danger.

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