Victim of accident forced to pay until News 4 steps in -

Victim of accident forced to pay until News 4 steps in

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( - On March 26, Janet Flores was in her Affton home when she heard a loud bang.

She ran outside to see that a drunk driver had slammed into her car.

"I was more concerned for him than anything else but then I realized that he had been drinking. So we immediately called the police" said Flores.

The driver was taken away and faces charges, but her mini-van was totaled. Her insurance company paid out the claim, but before she got her car she had to pay for a rental. She needed a car to get to her job cleaning homes.

“You know I'm a single lady, I got three kids and it was out of pocket and I wanted it back," Flores said.

She paid $622 in rental costs, but the other driver's insurance carrier, Acceptance, was only willing to pay her $392.25.

"It's hard earned money that I don’t think they need to have, I paid for the car and I want my money back," said Flores.

So she called News 4 and Chris Nagus called Acceptance Insurance.

The company spokesperson agreed to take another look at the report and Flores was issued a second check in the amount of $230.

The Acceptance spokesperson told News 4 they felt the claim was handled appropriately, but in order to resolve the rental issue they agreed to pay Flores the additional money.


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