The inspiring act this boy, 8, did for his disabled brother duri -

The inspiring act this boy, 8, did for his disabled brother during triathlon

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

BOISE, IDAHO -- Kids from parts of Oregon and Idaho known as the Treasure Valley braved the heat Saturday morning to take part in the "Y Not Tri" mini-triathlon, but one in particular did something rather special.

Eight-year old Noah Aldrich decided to do the mini-triathlon with his six-year old brother, Lucas, who can't walk or talk on his own and is now partially deaf.
Lucas was born with a rare neurologic condition and relies on a feeding tube to eat and even drink water.  Noah decided since he can't do most things with his younger brother this was the perfect thing the pair could do together.
Noah and his brother trained for three months to participate in the YMCA triathlon.  He strapped a special harness around his torso during the 200 meter swim, pulling Lucas in an inflatable raft.
Then Noah hopped on his bicycle and towed his brother in a special trailer.  After a three mile ride, the pair tackled a one-mile run on the greenbelt- Noah on foot pushing Lucas in a stroller.
The pair crossed the finish line in just over 54 minutes.
The Aldrich family is working on an organization, Lucas House, which will be a place where children of Idaho and surrounding regions with life-threatening conditions and their families can come and receive respite and, as needed, end of life care.

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