Following U. City violence, #PBP movement hopes to spread positi -

Following U. City violence, #PBP movement hopes to spread positive thoughts in St. Louis and beyond

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By Ruella Rouf By Ruella Rouf

( – A local movement to spread positivity in the world is going viral in response to a senseless act of violence.

The Positivity Breeds Positivity movement was launched after a violent night last Saturday in Heman Park at a class reunion where two men were wounded by gunfire. 20-year-old Mario Wallance died.

A new group from University City who started the movement did not know Wallance, but they want to change people’s negative thoughts into positive ones. The group encouraged people on social media to post a photo of themselves holding up a sign that read “Positivity Breeds Positivity.” One of the founders of the movement said there have been people posting photos from across the country. They said this movement is not intended to stay just local, but spread worldwide.

You can join by using the hashtag #positivitybreedspositivity or #PBP on social media.

The gourp is also selling t-shirts. All proceeds will be used to help children buy school supplies. 

To buy a shirt, click here

To see the group's Facebook page, click here

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