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Daughter of former judge cited 49 times, but how many convictions?

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

(KMOV.com) -- The daughter of a former St. Clair County judge has been accused of hitting a former basketball star at St. Louis University with her car, but the bigger problem could be the amount of violations she’s received over the last 18 years.

St. Clair County Sheriff Richard Watson said Katherine O’Malley was distracted by some work going on at a house while driving on Country Club Lane just outside of Belleville when she hit Kevin Lisch who was walking along the side of the road.  Lisch hurt his shoulder, Sheriff Watson said.

Katherine O’Malley is the daughter of retired judge Michael O’Malley.  Court records show that Katherine, 33, has been ticketed in St. Clair County for traffic violations 49 times since 1996.  St. Clair County judges have dismissed 46 of O’Malley’s tickets. Two are pending.  The lone conviction on O’Malley’s driving record came in April of 2014 for speeding from Judge Laninya A. Cason.

When Lisch was hurt on July 5th O’Malley was ticketed for Failure to Reduce Speed.

“No matter what her history is, she had a valid drivers she also had valid insurance, she was legally driving the car,” said Sheriff Watson. 

The responding officer ticketed O’Malley with everything he thought he could and O’Malley was given no special treatment, said Watson.

Henry Haupt with the Illinois Secretary of State’s office said O’Malley’s license had been suspended once.  She was ticketed for driving on a suspended license in 2011, and Judge Julie Katz dismissed the citation.

Judge Katz did not immediately return a request for comment. 

O’Malley pleaded not guilty to her July 5th ticket and was scheduled to appear in court on August 13th.

The effort to talk to Katherine O’Malley to comment on this story were stopped by a man at her last known address.



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