House collapses on another home in Venice, Il, residents outrage -

House collapses on another home in Venice, Il, residents outraged

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(KMOV) -- Residents in Venice, Il say they are outraged at the city after they say they have been calling them for years, asking them to tear down a vacant house that collapsed on a home Monday. 

“I was in the kitchen cooking and I heard a big explosion again,” said Mary Baker, who lives next door to the collapsed house. “My (grandchildren) are out here playing every day. IT could have fallen directly on them.”

According to Baker, she had been hearing the noises since Thursday. She says it was the sound of the house caving in and putting the lives of her grandchildren in jeopardy.

Baker and a number of other local residents, including the home’s owner, say they have frequently called multiple city offices in order to get someone to tear the house down. Officials they talk to said they would fix the problem, but never did.

“First we have to submit proof that all the utilities have been turned off. Then we have to get a letter from the Fire Chief saying that it is an immediate danger,” said Mayor Tyrone Echols. Mayor Echols says he has already submitted a list of homes to be demolished to Madison County. However, the funds used are federal funds and he says it is not a quick process.

Experts in Madison County say they will begin asking contractors to submit bids on Tuesday. The next step will be then selecting a contractor. The scheduled clean up time is set for Wednesday, August 6.


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