Man handcuffs self to door of controversial ACA contractor in pr -

Man handcuffs self to door of controversial ACA contractor in protest

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( – A man was arrested Friday for handcuffing himself to the door of a controversial government contractor in Wentzville.

“I will not leave here today until I get answers and if I have to handcuff myself to the doors and go to jail, I will do that,” Kenny Nawling said.

Nawling, a radio host told News 4 he did not handcuff himself to the door of Serco as a publicity stunt. He said he did it because Serco refuses to respond to allegations it is wasting taxpayer money. Serco received a $1.2 billion contract to process Affordable Care Act applications, but many employees have told News 4 there is little work to do and that they are being paid to do nothing or play games.

“I would like to talk to the highest ranking official in this office, so you’re not willing to get someone to talk to me,” Nawling said. “What I’m going to do is handcuff myself to this door until someone comes out to talk to me.”

Residents of other nations have protested Serco as well. People have staged protests over the company in Australia. In the United Kingdom, the company is also embroiled in controversy over government contracts.

Employees went around Nawlings as they entered through the door he was handcuffed to. 20 minutes after his demonstration started, police arrived and arrested him for non-compliance.

Nawling said he elected to go forward with the protest after speaking with a former Serco employee on his show about what was happening at the company’s facility. Nawling said the company stonewalled him when he tried to get answers, so he decided to stage the protest.

News 4 has asked the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), the government agency that oversees Serco for a copy of Serco’s contract, but continues to be stonewalled as well.

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