Man allegedly steals over $14,000 worth of lottery tickets in Ar -

Man allegedly steals over $14,000 worth of lottery tickets in Arnold

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( – A pile of lottery tickets have been recovered after police tracked down the man suspected in stealing thousands of dollars worth of scratch-off lottery tickets.

Tuesday around 1:30 a.m., a thief stole more than $14,000 worth of lottery tickets from a the U-Gas convenient store in Arnold. Less than 48-hours later, police caught the suspect and recovered the lottery tickets.

The suspect was an employee of the convenient store who was recently fired.

“He ran straight into the store, straight to the back where the employee area is. He grabbed a black box that contained lottery tickets and cash,” said Det. Jason Gorenstein of the Arnold Police Department.

Surveillance cameras caught the suspect who was wearing a bandana before he grabbed the items and ran out. Police said he knew exactly where the scratcher tickets were kept. The Arnold police received calls early Tuesday morning from the lottery office. The stolen tickets had been cashed in several areas, so police started following the trail of tickets.

Surveillance images from stores led them straight to their suspect in Troy, Mo. Only $11,000 worth of stolen tickets were recovered. Police said he cashed 21 tickets for $600.

The suspect is being charged with first degree burglary. 

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