Authorities seek to seize Alton home they believe is hub for cri -

Authorities seek to seize Alton home they believe is hub for crime

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(KMOV) - Authorities in Madison County are trying to force the owners of a home near a school in Alton to vacate because they believe it is a hub for crime.

Authorities told News 4 they are filing a lawsuit to force the owners of a home in the 1000 block of Tremont Street to give up the house because police have been called there 27 times since 2009. The home is very close to Lovejoy Elementary, and police said shots have been fired at the home while children were on the school’s campus.

“This is clearly the central hub for gang activity,” said Illinois State’s Attorney Thomas Gibbons. “We are not going to sit idly by and let this group of individuals cause terror to the neighborhood and cause danger to these young kids.”

Gibbons said the crime centers around a group called the Flyboyz.  One resident of the home told News 4 the Flyboyz are his children and are not involved in gang activity.  He said the family should not be kicked out of the home.

“I’m probably the one that called police,” resident Michael Lumpkins said. “I called them the last time there was a fight out here when the man stopped on his motorcycle and reached for a gun. I called them.”

If a judge sides with authorities in the lawsuit, the property would be seized for one year.

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