Man searches internet for sperm donor father, finds sibling -

Man searches internet for sperm donor father, finds sibling

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

 LAWRENCE, KS (KCTV) - A Kansas man has begun an unusual search for his family. He's already found one half-brother, but doesn't know how many others might be out there.

David Brown has two dads and a mom, and that unusual family structure is something he's struggled with wrapping his head around his entire life.

"I didn't know where I came from, so there's like half of me missing," he said.

That's because, while one man raised him, his biological father was a sperm donor.

"My dad has always been my dad and he always will be," Brown said. "There are things that I wonder about, like where did that come from."

Brown was conceived from a sperm donor at the University of Kansas Medical Center, but it was his wife Lauren who got the ball rolling on Brown's journey to find his biological father.

"I was like, ‘oh my gosh, we have to find out who this person is,'" she said.

That became difficult because the fertility clinic Brown's parents used no longer exists. Instead the couple turned to the web for help where they tracked down Brown's half-brother who is also looking for his dad.

"I didn't know if I could have other siblings out there. It made me really curious," Brown said.

He said the search is not just for him, but also for his daughters.

"For my kids I feel like it's a hole because I'd like to know medical history, for me and my kids," Brown said.

Brown says he knows exactly what he would say to his biological father if he ever met the man.

"'Thank you for doing what you did for whatever reason you did' and just that ‘I appreciate that you did that,'" he said.

Brown acknowledges that he may never make that happen and says that if he never meets the man who helped give him life, his life is still complete.

"I don't feel like I'm missing the father figure or anything like that," he said.

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