Does a popular dating app make it easy for criminals to find vic -

Does a popular dating app make it easy for criminals to find victims?

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By Ruella Rouf By Ruella Rouf

( – It’s one of the most popular dating apps that allows individuals to meet others who are in the same location as you. A simple swipe to the right says you like them, and a swipe to the left is a dismissal.

Tinder is an app that is used through your smartphone. Though it has not been around long, it has caught on quickly and has dubbed itself another name—the hookup app. But the hookups, meet-ups, whatever you prefer to call it, may make it easy for you to become a target.

Recently, a St. Peters man reported his mobile phone and wallet stolen from the Drury Inn. He said he met two people through Tinder.

Like traditional dating sites, caution is key. But unlike traditional dating sites, Tinder tells users exactly where potential matches are.

“Right now, I can tell that this person … is a mile away. He was active two minutes ago, so he’s still a mile away. I could walk up to him right now on the street,” said Tinder user Haley Sturguess.

Tinder makes it convenient for people to meet, and it makes it even easier for criminals to make a move.

According to internet safety advocate Tim Woda, the application will likely match up people who are in the same building, restaurant, or bar as you.

“Just because you dismiss them doesn’t mean they haven’t seen your picture,” said Woda.

Though most people use the app to see who is worthy of meeting, some may use the app to eye individuals with different intentions.


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