Lines for Busch Stadium spill onto interstate ramp -

Lines for Busch Stadium spill onto interstate ramp

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( – Cardinals fans waited outside of Busch Stadium in a line that spilled into Highway 40, concerning some viewers.

The ramp in question is located on Broadway, near the southeast end of Busch Stadium where drivers enter Highway 40.

Paul Kjorlie took a photo of fans lined up on the ramp because he thought it was “bizarre.” Kjorlie felt that either the police or the stadium should have taken steps to ensure the ramp was shut down in order to protect fans. Alternatively, he felt that a traffic division officer from the city could have made fans feel protected while they crossed the interstate ramp.

Kjorlie’s photos were shown to the executives of the Cardinals who were equally as disturbed. They admit that the crowds were larger than usual because they were giving away free baseball jerseys.

However, the Cardinals point out that they paid the Missouri Department of Transportation to install three elements to protect fans. The elements include the installation of a traffic light on Broadway at Highway 40, installation of extra sidewalks on both sides of the interstate ramp, and for a large concrete barrier that separates drivers from pedestrians.

“We should have made sure that fans stayed on the sidewalk,” said Joe Walsh, Cardinals director of secrurity. “We are sorry, and it will not happen again.”

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