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Wainwright retreads All Star Game comments, says he'll be more careful

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

(BaseballStL) — Adam Wainwright was just about out of things to say Friday on the ‘piping’ scandal that seemed to surround his All Star Game start. 

Having made his comments about laying one in for Jeter and then clarifying in a second interview, what seemed to surprise the 32-year-old was the breadth and speed of the response.

“I did not know that the fallout would last so long or be so wide,” he said. “Dealing with the Michael Jordan of baseball almost for the last 20 years, you should tread lightly.”

Rehashing Tuesday’s start and interviews, Wainwright once again clarified his mistake was in his wording, not in his pitching.

“Apparently saying I piped one to him meant that I intentionally threw one down the middle,” he said, explaining he was unaware the comments had even sparked a reaction until someone told him. 

“I messed up with the delivery of the explanation of the outing. I did not mess up with the delivery of pitches,” he said. “I brought it on myself, so I can’t be too hard other people for that. But I don’t feel like I should have to back up my story any more than telling you exactly what happened.”

In the examination of the outing that followed the ‘piping’ comments, many fans pointed to the speed difference between Wainwright’s 94 mile per hour fastball in the dirt to open the game, and the significantly slower one that Jeter hit. 

The Cardinal ace’s explanation was simple: He was amped up for the first pitch and not for the second. 

“My first one was certainly not 94,” he laughed. “It was nervous and choked and 90 in the dirt.” He explained the second pitch was the same speed down the middle in an attempt to avoid bouncing two in a row, then smiled and shook his head, realizing he was retelling the same story for the umpteenth time.

“If I could throw 94 in the dirt squeezing it like that, I’d be choking the ball every time and aiming a little higher to try and throw it in the strike zone,” he laughed. 

Wainwright did pass a message on to Jeter for good measure, but didn’t expect the Yankee shortstop was waiting for one. 

“I reached out to him. I’ve got some good friends in Kelly Johnson and Brian McCann over there, and Kelly passed the message along to him,” Wainwright said. “Derek is the last guy that needs an explanation from me on this.”

The bizarre controversy certainly seemed to cloud an otherwise carefree game, and marred Wainwright’s experience to a degree.

“I feel like I’d be lying to say it didn’t,” he said. “But you bring something like that on yourself what can you expect?”  

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