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Did this booby trap set up in a Pevely yard go too far?

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(KMOV.com) – A homeowner in Pevely elected to set up booby traps on his lawn to prevent pranksters from driving onto it.

The resident buried a board along the street with nails sticking out of the ground, the goal was to flatten the tires of cars driven by pranksters. Police told News 4 the trap was difficult to see.

“They were painted black and they were buried in the ground, and it made it very difficult to see,” said Pevely Police Chief Ron Weeks.

Several neighbors told News 4 they understood why the homeowner set up the buried boards, but think the trap is dangerous.

Pevely learned about the boards in May, removed them, and fined the homeowner. However, city officials were unsure if existing ordinances allowed them to ban booby traps. Monday, the Pevely City Council will vote on a proposed ordinance that would do just that.

The homeowner who set up the trap did not want to be interviewed on camera, but told News he feels the victim is being punished.

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