News 4 tracks down contractor accused of ripping off elderly cou -

News 4 tracks down contractor accused of ripping off elderly couple

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( - The customers of one St. Louis area contractor have been complaining for years, but tracking down Lloyd Taylor has not been easy.

In February of 2013, News 4 tried to track him down, but he sped away from our questions, but the latest complaint led our crews right to him.

North St. Louis Pastor Ovi Carter paid Lloyd Taylor $3,500 to tear down a building. Taylor's crew tore the roof off but left a big mess. Carter gave the crew permission to take the copper from the building which they did.

"All the copper wire, all the copper pipe in there. They come hustling, yes sir" said Carter.

However, taking the copper was part of an agreement that they finished the job, which never happened.

News 4 has had multiple complaints about Lloyd Taylor not finishing jobs he was hired to do. In 2013, when we tried to confront Taylor, he left a buddy behind and sped off in his van. But after the latest complaint, we finally got Lloyd on the phone.

After the call, Taylor agreed to return $2,000 to Carter. When he showed up to pay the money back, Taylor claimed he had been in the hospital. He said some of his old customers owe him money, and that he's never forced anyone to do business with him.

Despite all his problems, there's no question the meeting went better than the first time he met with News 4.

Lloyd Taylor's business has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Taylor told News 4, he's now out of business.


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