Caught on camera: Man steals 82-year-old's wallet at White Castl -

Caught on camera: Man steals 82-year-old's wallet at White Castle

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( – Authorities are searching for a suspect who stole the wallet of an 82-year-old woman at a White Castle restaurant in High Ridge.

Estelle Wagoner said she went to a White Castle to eat lunch Saturday and went to refill her soda before she set her wallet down. Surveillance footage captured the theft, showing Wagoner leaving the restaurant without her wallet before the suspect got up and grabbed it. Cameras also caught the suspect leaving the scene in a white pick-up truck. Wagoner said the suspect stole $260 and other important items.

“Oh my god, all my health cards such as Medicare Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Social Security,” Wagoner said.

Wagoner said she also carries her son’s obituary in her wallet. Her grandchildren posted the photos on Facebook. They also know he gave the initials D.B. when he placed his order.

“I was shocked,” said Stephanie McClain, Wagoner’s granddaughter. “I was shocked someone could do it, especially deliberately. You know they had a choice to do right or wrong and they chose wrong.”

The suspect’s white Chevy Silverado truck has a Tonneau cover over the bed and a white sun visor in front.

“He wasn’t just somebody who was passing through, so he’s from the area. Someone’s seen his vehicle and knows him,” McClain said.

You can find the surveillance photos here.

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