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Police: 2 people held at gunpoint near downtown MetroLink station

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(KMOV.com) -- On consecutive nights, two people were allegedly held at gun-point during separate incidents near the same downtown MetroLink station.

St. Louis police say on Saturday night, July 12, they responded to a call from a MetroLink customer who said a man approached him on the Metrolink platform and put a gun to his side, taking his money.

“At the time of this alleged incident we had two guards on our platform as well as a fare inspector in the area,” said Patti Beck, Director of Communications for Metro. “Nothing was reported to them. We reviewed the video and there is no incident on the platform.”

Beck says anytime customers are in trouble or feel threatened they can report it to Metro guards.

“It is a little disturbing that one of our customers who may have needed help, did not approach us and tell us,” said Beck. “Instead he called the St. Louis Police Department.”  

Police said the next night a 19-year-old woman was approached by a 16-year-old boy while she was standing at the corner South 14th Street and Spruce, directly across the street from the Metro Bus Station. The female victim told police she told the boy to get away. That is when the teen pulled a gun and pointed it at her. She was not hurt but the boy was caught by police near the bus station. Police also recovered the weapon.

Beck says it is rare that such gun related incidents happen on or near Metro stations, but when they do, security guards are put on alert.

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