Controversial revenue sharing plan in Jefferson Co. gets tentati -

Controversial revenue sharing plan in Jefferson Co. gets tentative approval

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 ( – Under a new tax revenue sharing plan, Arnold will receive more tax money from Jefferson County but some say it will be at the expense of the rest of Jefferson County.

Arnold City Administrator Bryan Richison said the city contributes 28 percent of the tax revenue collected from Jefferson County’s .05 sales tax that is used to fund roads. Richardson said Arnold only receives 9 percent of that money under the current formula.

Some on the Arnold City Council were unhappy with the arrangement and suggested that the city oppose a push to renew the tax, something voters will decide on August 5.

“There is a possibility we would have opposed it,” said Richison.

Under the new plan, cities that contribute larger amounts to the sales tax pools will receive a bonus. Only Arnold qualifies for such a bonus and will receive an extra $300,000 in revenue. Some residents in other parts of Jefferson County are concerned it will create a system of haves and have-nots.

“It’s not fair, we need the road just as bad as they need them in Arnold,” said David Reinheimer, who lives in unincorporated Jefferson County.

Due to rising sales tax collections, funds for projects in unincorporated areas are expected to remain flat in 2015.

The Jefferson County Council has tentatively approved the agreement.Officials said the county will not collect the projected $10 million in annual revenue for roads if voters do not renew tax. Currently, Arnold city officials support renewal.

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