Following laughable water bill, St. Peters woman receives apolog -

Following laughable water bill, St. Peters woman receives apology

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( – A St. Peters woman said she recently received a water bill that charged over $1600.

Yevette Eby told News 4 she received a bill from Missouri American Water for $1647.  Eby told News 4 she only uses water for necessities and for a 20 gallon fish tank.

“It’s crazy, it’s insane,” Eby said.  “My water bill’s more than my electric bill for a two bedroom duplex. I don’t have a pool, sprinkler system, there are no leaks in the house.”

Eby said she spoke to someone with Missouri American Water over the phone, but that person was not very helpful.

“She said even if you dispute the bill, we’re still shutting your water off and you have to pay this bill, so I’m stuck in a situation now. I’m disappointed, very frustrated.”

News 4 contacted Missouri American Water, who said it made a mistake.

“We’ve extended our sincere and deep apologies to this customer because it was badly off. We’re going to refigure the bill,” said Ann Dettmer with Missouri American Water.

The utility also said Eby’s water will not be turned off.

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