Sleeping Sound -

Sleeping Sound

         Drop side cribs are very common and widely used throughout the US.  Yet more than 5 million of them have been recalled in the last two years.  And now the cribs made by Stork Craft in Canada are just latest to be recalled.  The manufacturer is offering a free repair kit, if you can get through on the number 877 274-0277.

      In the meantime, the people at SIDS Resources in St. Louis offer some very sound advice for parents worried about their babies in cribs.  First make sure there are no loose parts or anything that could come apart on the crib.  Don't crowd the crib with toys and animals and blankets.  Also consider using some of the newer play pens, which are made for sleeping, don't have bars and detachable sides, are portable, and are inexpensive compared to cribs.

     SIDS Resources can be reached at 800 421-3511.



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