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Police search for burglars taking dogs in St. Louis

Police in St.Louis are investigating two possible dog theft cases.  Both were reported last Friday (November 20th) in the Central West End.

In the first case, an Irish Setter was taken from a basement in the 5800 block of Waterman sometime between two and five a.m. 

The dog's owner says she put her two Irish Setters in their room in the basement then went back upstairs to sleep.  Around five a.m. Friday, she woke up to loud howling.  When she went back to the basement, one of the dogs (9 year old Xena)
was gone.

I was in that room in the basement tonight and I can tell you: there are no crawl spaces the dog could have used to escape.  The owner says a basement door to the outside was closed, but not locked.  The door was old and warped and she had trouble
with it sometimes.  The door leads directly into the dog's room.

From the dogs room:  there is another door that leads to the rest of the basement and the stairs to the inside of the home.
The interior door was locked.  Cecily says it's possible burglars broke into the basement in hopes of getting into the house, but couldn't make it in.  She says her old show dog isn't valuable and can't imagine her dog was the intended target.

She says her dog is wearing tags.  She has called the area shelters, but has had no luck finding anyone who has seen her dog.

Later on Friday afternoon, another victim reported a break-in at an apartment in the 5900 block of McPherson.  In this case, police said the victim returned to the apartment and found a back door was forced open.  A thief or thieves took a laptop computer, DVDs, and a Boston Terrier dog.

If you have any information about these cases, call St. Louis Police.

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