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Police: Suspect steals wallet, charges more than $5,000 in hour

(KMOV)-- Police in neighboring St. Peters are looking for a man who stole a woman's wallet and racked up more than $5,000 in credit card charges.
Police said the suspect stopped in two Walgreens last week. Investigators showed News 4 video of him checking out at the store off of Central School Road.
The camera angle shows the suspect walking in last Wednesday. He wasn't inside long. Minutes later, he buys more than $5,000 worth of American Express gift cards.
Police said he bought another $500 worth at the store off of Jungerman a few moments before.
From what police are saying, in neither case the cashier asked the suspect to see an ID to make the purchases. Officer Melissa Doss said that’s a problem. She also told News 4 that the suspect stole the victim's wallet from the Ruby Tuesday near Mid Rivers Mall. Police hope the cuts on his head and his clothes lead to an arrest.
Another thing that stands out in this case is how quickly the suspect spent the money. The suspect stole the wallet and spent $5,000 in about an hour.

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