Black Friday Sales: Tips and A Hot Deal on a Camera -

Black Friday Sales: Tips and A Hot Deal on a Camera

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson


You will find this in the fine print of a lot of doorbuster deals ads. The amount may depend on what it is.  But some stores have advertised quantities as low as five per store for sale items like HDTVs.  Just don't have your heart set on a certain item when you see that.


If a store offers you a rain check on a deal, it doesn't always mean they'll guarantee you will ever get your item.


When you read the circulars, pay attention to which sales are in store and which are online. They are often seperate sales items all together. You may have to check the fine print to find out so you don't show up in your pajamas at 5 AM on Friday to find out they don't have it in the store.


Be careful shopping on line. Retail experts warn that since there is not a live inventory online, you run the risk of ordering that perfect gift just to find out weeks later your order has been canceled because its out of stock.


You can get Fuji finepix j28 camera with a 2GB SD card and a case for $80!!! That includes shipping. currently has it today.

That camera alone usually goes for over $100, combine that with the $20 of free accessories included in this bundle and it's a savings of around $40!  

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