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Bulger out 3-6 weeks, where do Rams go from here?

There was a lot more wrong with Rams quarterback Marc Bulger at the end of the game on Sunday then a blow to the head.  On Monday afternoon the Rams announced that Marc Bulger suffered a fracture to his tibial plateau in his left leg and he will miss the next three to six weeks with the injury.

Reading between the lines it probably means the end of Marc Bulger for the 2009 season and possibly forever as a St. Louis Rams quarterback.  The question for the franchise is where do they go from here, short term and for the longer term future?

The answer to the short term question is that Kyle Boller will be the starting quarterback this Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.  What is disappointing is that this is a game the Rams are evenly matched with their opponent and Bulger would have given them their best chance to win.  Boller comes back as a starting quarterback, after already having two starts this season.  During his time as starter there was a little spark in his first game, in relief, against the Green Bay Packers but after that he had two miserable outings against the 49ers and Vikings.

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