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14 Cars broken into last weekend in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- Car break-ins are up in St. Louis, and police say the only way to stop this trend is to get people to clean out their cars.

That may sound odd, but St. Louis Police Department spokeswoman Erica Van Ross says if people would be more careful about what they leave in their cars, it could curb the amount of car break-ins in the city.

Last weekend, 14 people had their cars broken into; six people had belongings taken.

It is believed the thieves took two iPods, a wallet and a GPS unit Van Ross says most of these items were in plain sight.

According to police, six people are responsible for the 14 break-ins early Sunday morning. As of now, they do not have anyone in custody for the thefts.

At this point last year in downtown St. Louis there were 1,198 car break-ins; this year there are 1,199.

Overall, car break-ins in St. Louis are up 12 percent.


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