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CPSC to announce biggest crib recall in U.S. history

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

I was watching the CBS Early Show in the newsroom this morning when I heard a story that grabbed my attention. It’s a topic that any parent with a baby at home needs to know about crib safety.

CBS says that they have found out that the Consumer Product Safety Commission is going to announce the biggest crib recall in U.S. history. This major recall involves cribs that have a drop rail.
Now, I’ve already been down this drop-rail crib recall road before. My son’s crib was recalled earlier this year because it has a drop rail that could separate from the crib and it is possible for a baby to get stuck between the mattress and the rail. There have been reports of children dying because of this. So scary! When Jude’s crib was recalled, my husband and I immediately went and exchanged it. I would encourage all parents to do the same. It’s not worth the risk to put your precious baby in an unsafe bed.
The official announcement from the CPSC is expected tomorrow, so we don’t have the specifics yet, but CBS had a ton of information already. But, this is going to be a big one.
CBS says that there are several movements to get all drop rail cribs banned. In fact, Toys-R-Us isn’t selling them anymore. I’m anxious to see what the CPSC has to say tomorrow. I’m all for anything that keeps our babies safer!

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