Accused teenaged killer's "best friend" sheds insight -

Accused teenaged killer's "best friend" sheds insight

Our entire interview with Jennifer Meyer is on our website.  It's not very long, but it is insightful.  She talks about how 10 months ago at her friend (and now accused killer) Alyssa Bustamante's 15th birthday party,  Alyssa pulled her aside and said, "I wonder what it would be like to kill somebody."  Meyer dismissed it as silly talk because she was apparently mad at another friend.  Now she says that was clearly a sign.

We got the interview thanks to our hustling morning show executive producer.  I was doing live shots on another story at 5:00 and 5:30am when she called and told me to head over to KETC where Meyer was about to do a live, exclusive interview on the CBS Early Show.

The security folks were nice enough to let us in and a videographer and I were escorted back to the "green room" where Meyer, who turns 16 on Thanksgiving was having her make-up done by a professional.  CBS had paid for Meyer and her older sister to spend the night in the Ritz-Carlton in Clayton and paid for a driver to get them to the studio around 6am.

We visited while she was being made up and agreed to do an interview with me before she went national.  I asked her while she was getting ready if she had any reservations about doing the interview on CBS or with us... She didn't.  She's told the story so many times to friends, she was well prepared to talk about it with me, Harry Smith and anyone else.

Looking back Meyer seems a little regretful she didn't do or say anything when her "best friend" made such disturbing comments.  She just didn't think her friend was capable of doing what she's accused of doing.

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