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Thoughts from the field

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

I just got back from shooting on the sideline of the football game this afternoon (pictures coming soon!) and thought I’d share my thoughts on the game from such a unique vantage point.

- I know it sounds pretty obvious, but these guys are just freakishly big. Spoon’s thighs are bigger than my head. Some of the offensive lineman made me feel like a child looking straight up at an adult. Just another reminder why they’re playing D-1 football and I’m not.

- I got to see the seniors coming out of the tunnel and I was a little taken aback with the amount of emotion on display. You think of these guys as machines, but it was a huge moment for them. Jared Perry was all over the place. Gary Pinkel’s tears were definitely genuine, even with guys like Andy Maples and Shawn Scott who never really played. That makes me feel very good about the hands this program is in.

- I’m pretty useless with a camera and I had no idea what I was doing down there most of the time. There were a couple guys who were nice enough to take time out and fix my camera after a furious bout of button bashing. It’s good to know some people still have a little courtesy.

- The field goal kickers at half-time were pathetic. It took all my restraint not to run out there and give it a go myself. I might not make it, but I feel like I could at least get it off the ground.

- I was terrified the entire game of getting in the way of a play running out of bounds and having an angry, 200-pound receiver landing on my head, but I managed to stay relatively unscathed. After Danario’s touchdown, Rolandis Woodland went to give the (absolutely crazy alum) guy standing next to me a high five, missed and swatted my camera right out of my hands. Thank goodness for the shoulder strap or I would be suffering the wrath of my professors.

- The post game celebrations were an absolute blast. Being a huge football fan, running onto the field for any occasion was a lot of fun. I somehow got caught right in the middle of the team as they headed to the stands to celebrate with the fans, which was absolutely terrifying yet slightly exhilarating. That is something I will absolutely never forget.

- Seeing the seniors grabbing their rocks was pretty incredible too. Spoon was holding court, making everybody laugh, taking pictures with kids, then shouted “I got my rock!!” about 50 times on his way back to the locker room. They may not have the star power of last year’s senior class, but Danario, Spoon, Baston, Perry, etc. have had a great four years here and they’ve been a lot of fun to watch.

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