St. Louis schools chief announces district-wide furlough -

St. Louis schools chief announces district-wide furlough

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- There is bad news for every employee of the St. Louis Public School District.

The district superintendant announced Thursday all 3,000-plus employees will be furloughed.

Superintendent Kelvin Adams says by furloughing all employees for two days, the district will save $1.7 million.

Adams announced they'll also cut another $100,000 by closing the entire district for the holiday break.

Since students and teachers will already be off, any one else who was planning to work will be forced to use seven vacation or personal days to get paid while the district is shutdown. Adams said none of the cuts will affect students.

While union leadership doesn't like the idea of their members losing wages, a representative said a furlough was a much better option than an across-the-board salary cut.

After the cuts, the district will still have an $11 million deficit.

Adams says in the future there may be cuts in transportation and food service costs.

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