Violence On The School Bus -

Violence On The School Bus

We have been covering several incidents of bullying and violence on area school busses.  It makes you wonder if there is more of this kind of thing now, or if we are just hearing about it.  At any rate, it is wrong.  Are area districts doing enough to combat it?  I talked to Parkway's Director of Transportation today.  He used to be with another company which contracts bus service in a number of area districts so he's up to speed on more than Parkway.  Will Rosa believes all districts are taking these incidents seriously, which is good to know.  Perhaps some districts have greater challenges than others, but it is good to know administrators are doing what they can.  We continue to get calls and emails, though, from parents who don't feel their concerns are being heard.  We'll continue to follow leads and try to give balanced coverage working under the constraints of districts who can't be candid because of confidentiality rules.

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