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Teacher Furloughs

All eyes tonight are on the St. Louis School District.  At 6pm Superintendent Kelvin Adams will make a recommendation to balance the district’s budget.  According to a district spokesperson the district is currently operating with a 17 million dollar deficit.  He says that the goal is to reduce that number to zero by June 30th, 2010.  Many suspect, given the deficit that Superintendent Adams will recommend furloughing teachers.  Right now, there are about 2,800 teachers employed by the St. Louis School District.  Speculation is that he’ll ask all teachers to take two furlough days.  The district spokesperson says if approved teachers will take the days when students are not slated to be in school.

At the beginning of the school year the district had close a 53 million dollar deficit, since then officials have made about 35 million dollars in cuts.    

I’ll be in the meeting tonight and will bring you latest on News 4 at ten. 


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