School Bus Bully -

School Bus Bully

It is hard to watch a 12 year old boy cry.  That's what I had to do this afternoon when C. J. Cross talked about being called fat, ugly, stinky, and retarded.  He also talked about being hit over the head with shoes on the school bus, and by being afraid he was about to be beaten up by a gang that gathered at his school bus stop.

His mother was in tears talking about if those kids could just know what is in C. J.'s heart, they would stop picking on him.

What does the school district have to say?  That's difficult.  Federal confidentiality rules designed to protect students' privacy also prevents the district from confirming or denying any of the details.  Is Hazelwood the only district where this is happening?  Hardly.  It is just the district where parents (and teachers) are calling and emailing us their concerns.

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